Visonic Powermax Complete

Visonic powermax Wireless CONTROL PANEL (868mhz).

The PowerMax Wireless Burglar Alarm can have up to 28 Wireless Zones and 2 Hardwires Zones and all hardwire devices can be power by the PowerMax onBoard Power. The PowerMax Alarm has a wide range of devices to choose from including Smoke and Flood detectors as well as the standard PIR’s and Door Contacts.

PowerMax plus range is a powerful home management and security system for small commercial and residential applications. Not only does it provides immediate notifications of intrusion, smoke, flood, gas leak or excess carbon monoxide. It also enables homeowners to view control their homes and their automated systems via internet, both inside and out, anytime, from anywhere. Depending on the peripherals they select, PowerMax+ can pre-program lights, shades, gates and heating/cooling systems or control them by event or manually.

System event reports can be sent automatically to any private phone or, through the internet, to any computer. PowerMax+’s clear visual and voice guidance system minimizes training and support visits.

This gives you the flexibility to protect various combinations of rooms/areas whilst leaving others free to enable movement around the property e.g. a part set program protecting all downstairs areas whilst leaving the upstairs free during the night.

Two Wireless CodeSecure Keyfob Transmitter (868MHz)

The MCT-234 is a 4-button miniature wireless CodeSecure keyfob transmitter designed for arming and disarming of wireless security systems, and for emergency signaling, access control, home automation and remote control applications.

When activated, each button initiates a CodeSecure transmission of a unique 28-bit (rolling code) ID command, selected from over 100 million possible combinations. To prevent “code grabbing” by potential intruders trying to defeat the security system, the next time the button is activated, the transmitter sends out a different CodeSecure ID, which is selected by a proprietary code encryption algorithm and which can be recognized only by the target receiver.

Property Insurance (Bells only system).

The event time & date stamped log memory stores information such as the zone area in which an intrusion takes place. This memory log conforms to the guideline set out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

One Wireless Magnetic Contact (868MHz) on FINAL EXIT.

Timed entry exit entrance route (Front door to hall). With a MCT-302 fully supervised PowerCode magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows using a built-in magnetic contact that operates in conjunction with a magnet to detect the opening and closure of a door or window. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device is easy to install and operate in a wide range of residential and commercial environments. to comply with BS4737: Part 3: Section 3.3.

Two Wireless Pet-Tolerant Digital PIR Detector (868MHz).

The Next+ K9-85 MCW is a PowerCode wireless digital PIR detector designed to enable homeowners to secure their homes while allowing their pets to move freely anywhere in the house. Employing Visonic’s patented “Target Specific Imaging” optical system (TSI) and unique pet identification software algorithm, the Next+ K9-85 has an unprecedented capacity to reliably distinguish between human bodies and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85lb).

Next+ K9-85 MCW is a fully supervised wireless detector with anti-collision PowerCode technology. It is compatible with PowerMax and all Visonic PowerCode wireless panels and receivers. Next+ K9-85 MCW implements a whole new generation of patented technologies including FM Digital Signal Processing (FM-DSP), “True Motion Recognition” with Fuzzy Logic algorithm (TMR), and state-of-the-art 3D cylindrical optics.

The result is the industry’s best detection accuracy, false alarm immunity and ultimate long term reliability – in an attractive, easily installed wireless detector designed for any pet-loving home environment.


Internal sounder for extra audibility within main control panel. An internal sounder for burglar alarm panels, also to allow keypad and entry exit sounds to be heard if it is difficult to hear the alarm control panel’s audio when the keypad is pressed or the entry exit sequence is triggered.

Self-powered external wireless Master Bell Box (868MHz).

The MCS-710 is a self-powered, fully-wireless outdoor (IP55) Mater Bell Box with siren and strobe. It requires no external power source and without any cabling, enabling installation even where wiring is difficult or impossible.

This fully-supervised siren features anti-collision PowerCode™ technology and provides visual notifications of intrusions, fire alarms, low battery voltage or communication disruptions and auditory squawk notifications of arming and disarming. This enables home owners to arm and disarm the system from outside the house using a keyfob and receive audible and visual verification of system status. This valuable capability prevents false alarms due to breach of entry/exit delay settings.


All alarm circuit wiring, sensors, magnetic switches and sounders will be 24hr anti-tamper proof while system is set or un-set, if tampered with, this will activate alarm system.


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