Trespass Prevention Systems will design a system from a single door to multiple doors. A single site to multiple sites. Access can be by Tag, PIN code or both. Access rights are flexible allowing each tag holder to have their own access areas.


Interfaced with a standalone PC or fully networked this unit controls the access rights to the associated door.

PC / Network:

The systems can be programmed and monitored by a standalone dedicated PC or by configuring the system to operate on an existing computer network. By using a network connection several premises can be linked together as one system.

Systems can also include integration with an existing Fire Alarm if required.

Paxton Net 2 Controller

Typical Network System


These are normally of a proximity operation. These are normally mounted outside the secure area. Connected to the controller this unit reads the tag or token and transmits this data to the controller. These units can also incorporate a code unit.

Programme Cards

Proximity Tag


The code which is required to be entered into the code unit.


These can be of the normal latch release or the heavy duty magnetic type. Usually determined by the door type and or the existing locks fitted.

Lock Release

Mag Lock

Consider how many people are going to use the system. Also how many doors will need to be included on the system? What access rights will people require?