Burglar Alarm

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throughout Birmingham

Trespass Prevention Systems aim to provide cost effective installations servicing repairs and 24hr callout of burglar alarms in Birmingham designed to suit your properties or businesses needs. Allowing you to easily fully set the system during the day or night or part set to protect individual areas, you can rest assured that an intruder alarm installed by ourselves will give you complete peace of mind and considerably reduce your risk of being a victim of burglary.

We can install a hardwired burglar alarm if the property or business allows or a wireless burglar alarm if preferred or necessary. We can install either with proven high quality equipment.

Most people, especially those who had to go without a burglar alarm system because their home or business wouldn’t take a wired installation, were thrilled with the invention of wireless burglar alarm systems.

In fact, wireless burglar alarm systems have grown to become one of the top home security products of our time. Many families trust the security of their homes or businesses in the hands of a wireless home security system over any other system out today.

While wired burglar alarm systems have the reputation and years of experience behind them, some homes simply cannot take a hardwired alarm installation. For homes that fit this category, wireless burglar alarm systems are a great way to provide a home the security and protection it needs.

We would do a site survey and discuss your options with you.

Items to consider

• Wireless burglar alarms or hard-wired burglar alarm
• select specific zones, for example, programme just the downstairs at night
• chime when entry/exit doors are opened
• panic buttons positioned anywhere in the house, even at the front door
• Speech dialler that will telephone your mobile phones or other home numbers.
• pet-friendly infrared movement detectors
• alarming of garages and outbuildings
• vibration detectors, glass break sensors and door contacts

Device Descriptions – Door and window contacts

Small magnetic contacts are usually fitted to doors and windows to detect the opening of these when the alarm is set.

Vibration detectors

This detector can be fixed to a door or window frame to detect a physical movement or attack, such as a door being kicked or a window being tried or forced open.

Glass break detectors

A glass detector will protect a glass window or door. It detects the noise of the glass being drilled or broken and activates the alarm.

Panic attack Button

In an emergency situation you can be reassured that if you press this button it will fully activate the alarm whether the system is set or not. These can be placed remotely in any room of the house.

Pet friendly detectors

Technology advances in intruder alarm detection have lead to the introduction of pet immune detectors. No more shutting the cat or dog away in an unprotected room or even not setting the alarm. The new pet immune detectors can easily replace existing detectors and be immune to pets up to 70lb but still activate the alarm system in the event of an intruder.

Speech dialer

A very popular addition to alarms we install is the Speech dialer which has the ability to dial up to four telephone numbers upon an alarm activation including mobile numbers, which enables you, a relative or neighbour to be informed immediately of an intrusion so that the appropriate action may be taken. The Speech dialer is simply connected to your new or existing alarm system and a telephone line. Unlike a fully monitored system there are no additional annual fees.